Bummer about Henderson. Gotta continue to believe, though. The 'Nuls were the more inspired team last night, and when you have two teams of professional athletes the difference can be inspiration and desperation, that was the case last night. Now we can forget all this nonsense about waiting for the Saints to lose and concentrate on just playing football. Thing that bothered me most about last night was some d-back that I'd never heard of made a nice hit on the far side deep in Arizona territory and hopped up in the guy's face. You're down 14 points and have done little to indicate that you're going to compete tonight, yet you take the opportunity to get in a guy's face after you make what might've been your first ever pro football tackle. I think that was the guy that collided with Henderson later in the game.

I think for the first time all year our favorite quarterback looked hesitant and rattled. Maybe at 40 you can look great when things are going well, but you drop off considerably when there are snot-nozed defenders breathing fire in your face.