2006 December 4 St. Thomas News
Eucharistic Celebration at St. Thomas is on Saturday, December 9 at 5 pm. On Tuesday, 9 a.m. mass was for Tim Burns and on Thursday mass is at 8 pm for the Immaculate Conception. Mass is at St. Scholastica on Thursday at 8 a.m. is for William Shaughnessy

Spaghetti lovers from St. Thomas enjoyed the Spaghetti Supper Friday evening at Union Hill. It was a matching fundraiser for the St. John’s religious education program … and St. Scholastica had a “nice crowd” for their Parish Breakfast Sunday morning.

Our sympathy to Kelly Coleman on the death of his mother, June Block Coleman.
Kelly is a Coleman family historian and has visited St. Thomas several times searching for Coleman family information. Kelly’s relatives operated the Coleman Store in St. Thomas.

Brianna Rutt, the daughter of Bill and Sue Rutt of Montgomery and granddaughter of Gary and Shirley Rutt of St. Thomas, was Raider of the Week recently. Brianna is a second grader at Holy Redeemer in Montgomery and the oldest of four children. “Chicken Little” is her favorite story, Art is her favorite subject and like most little girls, the friendly little lass “enjoys playing with her friends. She’d like to be a hair stylist in the future.” Brianna is one generation from St. Thomas.

Joe and Mary Gill Giesen , Terry and Mary Fahey, and Becky Neisen from Union Hill were in St. Thomas Saturday evening and left early Sunday morning for a five day stay in Los Vegas.

Members of the Jack and Vangie Burns and the Robert and Veronica Graham families, including Camrie and Cole Vlasak, gathered at the Bittersweet Coffee and Gift shop in Henderson for brunch on Sunday morning. The occasion being a wedding shower for Mara Johnson and Corey Vlasak of Eden Prairie who will be married very soon.

“St. Thomas was pretty quiet this week” reports Molly Sullivan and her thoughts were echoed by others “Not much going on this week” … “Cold and quiet.”

From the Archives: (Here’s a few names we haven’t heard in awhile). “The St. Thomas Equity group sent as delegates to the St. Paul Equity convention Richard Byrne (1855-1920), Edw. Halloran (1861-1931), Michael Moore (1874-1955) and W. S. O’Connell (1863-1956) ” better known in St. Thomas as “Big Bill”. BPH November 1916

Also From the Archives: “Cornelius Ronayne, one of the pioneer settlers of St. Thomas, passed away.” BPH November 1886. We have four Cornelius Ronayne’s among our Dearly Departed: Cornelius (1850-1928), Cornelius F. (1889- 1949), Cornelius J. (1891-1961) and Cornelius M. (1897-1957), but none that passed away in 1886. This could possibly be the brother of Patrick Ronayne (1812-1901), who with Patrick Cassin donated land for our church, but where did this Cornelius go?

Happy Birthday, Aggie! Aggie Gill’s on the 29th of November.

“These are the good old days, and we don’t even know it.” Alice Burns (1892-1992)

Have a good one, folks.