Eucharistic Celebration at St. Thomas is on Saturday, December 2 at 5 pm. Weekday masses are at 9 am. On Tuesday mass was for Kathleen Karels and on Thursday mass is for Judy Brown.

Look Out, St. Thomas! David Burns has just taken his drivers permit test…and passed!

Connie, Julie and Karen Odenthal spent a long week-end in Branson just before Thanksgiving and had “a great time… best ever!” They saw Larry Gatlin, the Lennon Sisters, and The Andy Williams Christmas Show, “really good” … and The Dixie Stampede which is Dolly Parton’s performance with horses, flags and the Nativity. The Odenthal’s enjoyed the WWII Museum, Dick Clark’s collection of 1957 Cars, the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum and The Titanic artifacts collection “was really interesting.” They had dinner and enjoyed the entertainment on the showboat “Belle” which is a paddleboat on the river. “There is so much more to see” Are they going back? “Yep, but not tomorrow…gotta rest up first!”

There was a nice crowd for Super Happy Hour at the Eyeball last Wednesday afternoon. (No, it’s not the Red Eye). Among some of those home for Thanksgiving were: Dennis Connelly from Apple Valley, Gene and Sharon Retka from Courtland, Dave and Theresa Russell from New Prague and Patty Sullivan and husband Joe Eischens from Parkville, Missouri. Some of our freshmen college kids were home; Marnie Burns, Lucy, Jessica and Jason Retka were excitedly sharing stories and experiences…and of course the many regulars who are thankful for a close, warm and cozy place to share food, stories and laughter with good neighbors and friends.

Just to mention a few Thanksgiving gatherings: Todd and Peggy Sullivan entertained the Schwarz family, the Jack and Vangie Burns’ family came home, Mike and Paula O’Connell hosted the Blaschko family’s Thanksgivng, and a few O’Connells popped in during the day. Ron and Carolyn Burns entertained the O’Neil’s on the home place and ‘old O’Neill homestead’. Charlie and Marie Retka entertained the Seys family. Doc and Rita O’Connell and members of the Meger family gathered at the Randy and Eileen Reak home in Lexington, the Rosemary Burns clan celebrated at Bruce and Betty Olson’s in Le Sueur. Jim and Mary Jean Halloran’s family came home. Connie and Julie Odenthal’s gathered at the John and Becky Colwell home in Lonsdale. Dan and Lisa Burns, Marnie and David went to Pat and Charlie Reins in Chaska. Joe and Amy Holden hosted Thanksgiving for the Connelly and Holden families at their home on Cedar Lake. Mary Grace O’Brien and Annette Kinkeade gathered with a few of the O’Brien family at the Dave and Stephanie McElroy home in Mound. Patty Sullivan, her husband Joe Eischens and their children who live in Parkville, MO spent the Thanksgiving Day holiday with the rest of the George and Maxine Sullivan family. They also spent time with members of the late Neil and Irene Eischens family in Jordan.

Happy Anniversaries to T.C. and Kathy Connelly on November 23, 1979…and to Jim and Corrine Connelly on November 30th, the same year. Many happy years of wedded bliss here and we wish them many more.

From the archives: “J.J. O’Neill of Tyrone lost a portion of the thumb and index finger in a corn husker. But for the timely aid at the lever which throws the machine out of gear, he might have lost an arm. As it is, he is added to the victims of the husker and is glad it is no worse” LSH November 1901 – James, (1897-1938) second son of Hugh (1828-1893), married Agnes Murphy and settled on the part of the O’Neill homestead that in 1983 was the Robert Dressel farm. They had three children: Hugh, Mary and Irene (Mrs. James Laidlaw).

Deer hunting is in full swing around here. Some hunters have been lucky enough to bag their deer, and some are just spending their “second week in deer camp.” (Thanks, Joe)

And thanks, folks, have a good one.