Eucharistic Celebration at St. Thomas is on Saturday, November 4 at 5 pm. On Tuesday, All Saints Day Mass was at 5 pm and on Thursday mass at the 9 am mass is for the LAOH Members.

St. Thomas Harvest Bingo Party! Sunday, November 5 at 1:30 pm. 20 games for $3.00. Raffle drawing for $100 cash and other prizes.

They’re harvesting full blast around the St.Thomas area.

A number from St. Thomas attended the wedding of Melissa Hayden, the daughter of Richard and Jean Hayden of Belle Plaine, and Mike Adams of South Dakota, on Saturday, October 29. The wedding was held at Our Lady of the Prairie church in Belle Plaine with a reception at the Brass Top in Henderson. (Thanks, Trish)

Congratulations to Ed and Kim (Halloran) Holden on the birth of Justin Thomas,
who joins his five-year old brother, Zachary.

Marsha and Emily Sullivan, Maxine Sullivan and her mother Sally Traxler of Le Sueur traveled to Volga, SD on Sunday, Oct 29 to attend a 40th wedding anniversary celebration honoring Herb and Monica (Kainz) Anderson. Monica is Maxine's first cousin, and Sally's godchild. (Thanks, Max)

Rachel is getting excited! Rachel O’Connell, brown haired, bright-blue eyed daughter of Doc and Rita, will be joining between 30 and 40 students from surrounding areas in the Student Ambassador Program. The program includes a twenty-one day tour to Spain, Italy and France, during the 2007 summer vacation. We’ll hear more from the St.
Thomas Student Ambassador after her trip.

Travis Simon and Allie Connelly had a great time at the Union Hill’s Halloween Costume Party on Saturday night. Travis dressed as Ryan Klein, proprietor of the ‘bar and grill’ and Allie was dressed as a holy “something” … and the halo was very fittin’
They won second place!

Andrew Cemenski, an aviation student at Minnesota State University in Mankato, completed the Private Pilot Single Engine Land with Mankato Aviation, the official flight training provider for Minnesota State University. Andy lives with his wife, Chris and daughters, Amanda (sophomore) and Danielle (junior high) on the old John Whalen place, across the road from his folks, Bud and Marge. Back in the 50’s, when we heard a small plane in the skies around St. Thomas we’d say “There goes George!” (George Doherty). Now, we can say “Here comes Andy!”

From The Archives: “The Henry Kessler farm of 100 acres 7 miles south of Belle Plaine was purchased by Tony Laabs of Belle Plaine Township. His son-in-law and daughter would move onto it in November. (This is the present Dick and Patty Laabs farm). The Alois Gill family had been running the farm and would hold an auction, then move to St. Thomas” BPH OCT 1946. Some the ‘rest of this story” is… The Kesslers are “Uncle Hank and Aunt Aggie” to the Alois Gill family and Aggie Gill’s namesake. In 1946, when Jerry was a baby, Alois (Jan 1915-Nov 1992) and Aggie moved from the farm to a home on the northeast side of St. Thomas. In 1958, the Gill’s, moved a cozy little Cape Cod home into St. Thomas, next to the Callahan Store Aggie’s folk’s, John and Pete, operated for years. Alois and Aggie’s family include Jerry, Mary, Mike, Pat, and Joe… and that’s just a little about some of our good folks from St. Thomas.

Till next week, folks, have a good one.