2006 October 9 …St. Thomas News

The Eucharistic Celebration at St. Thomas is Saturday, October 14, at 5 pm. Weekday masses are at 9 am, on Tuesday mass was for Kenneth Rutt and Thursday mass is for Special Intentions. (8 am mass at St. Scholastica on Wednesday is for Andy Fogarty).

Oops- Luke and Alice Retka attended the beautiful wedding of their nephew, Sam Hoxie, an Orthopedic Surgical Resident at Mayo Clinic and Alison, who has a Ph.D in Turbine Mechanics.

Jackie Callahan fell “the Tuesday after Labor Day” and broke her arm in two places, under the ball of her shoulder. She is not wearing a cast; as this kind of break heals with the arm in a sling to hold it close to her body. Jackie’s doing “fine” and will be back at work in two weeks. Jackie says “You can do a lot with one arm.” …even hold a great-grandbaby.

Megan Burns, Tim and Shelly’s daughter, of Henderson, received a Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematics and psychology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls during the 2006 summer semester. Way to go, Megan!

The newest addition to the George and Maxine Sullivan family, Siri (Sear-ee) Audree Olson, was born Saturday, Oct. 7 at ISJ Hospital in Mankato. Siri's parents are Brent and Molly (Sullivan) Olson, who live in North Mankato.

Maxine Sullivan attended the wedding of Stacy Kolsrud and Mark Traxler at Trinity Lutheran Church in Belle Plaine and the reception at The Caribou Gun Club in rural Le Sueur on Saturday, Oct. 7. Mark is Max’s cousin – once removed.

Happy Birthday, Jim! Many attended the 80th birthday party for Jim Malinski at the Lexington Community Center, on Sunday, October 8th. He said it took him over an hour to open his cards. Jim is the son of Albert and Mary O’Connell Malinski and brother of Mary Mayer from Annandale, Rita Deyo from Mpls, Alyce Ilg from New Prague, and Harold, from Litchfield. His brother, Joseph is deceased. Jim worked for Northwest Airlines in the Maintenance Department in Production Control (Paper Mill of maintenance) for 39 years. Jim never married; he says “In the tradition of his great Irish uncles.” Jim has been described as “a placid, patient man, demanding little, of service to many.” [Malinski-Small White Feathers] His ancestral Irish sides in St.Thomas are the Doherty and O’Connell branches. At the birthday party, among the many pictures was an interesting anecdote; a picture taken on the shores of Lake Superior many years ago, with Jim’s sister Rita and Mrs. Kennedy. Jim is holding “Little Nicky Coleman” (The current columnist for the Minneapolis Tribune). Jim chuckled “Mrs. Kennedy, an aunt of Little Nicky, noticed ‘St. Thomas Centennial’ on Dad’s cap and asked him if this was the St. Thomas in Le Sueur County”. His answer struck up a memorable conversation, and “we realized we were related!” (Mary O’Connell, Jim’s mother, was a niece of “Aunt Rose” Coleman). Jim is a kind, well-liked and intelligent gentleman, a great story teller, with a unique interest in history…and he’s one generation from St. Thomas.

Have a good one, folks.