2006 October 2 St.Thomas News

Eucharistic Celebration here at St. Thomas is on Saturday, October 7 at 5 pm.. Weekday mass this week was on Tuesday for George Sullivan, and there will be no mass in St. Thomas on Thursday morning.

The Southwest Deanery Mission Event is Thursday, October 26, at St. Mary’s in Le Center. Each parish is asked to bring articles for the raffle or a fundraiser for the needy. Articles should be in by 6 pm on Thursday evening. The speaker will be Ramona McGrea on the Kenya Project, at 7 pm.

Congratulations to St. John’s, our neighboring parish at Union Hill on their 140th Anniversary and to Father Elgar on his 90th birthday and his 62nd ordination anniversary. Father is a “hands on” and well-liked priest, with a quiet sense of humor. Many St. Thomas folks are early risers and find Union Hill’s 6 am mass convenient and Union Hill folks friendly.

Patty Sullivan, her husband, Joe Eischens, and children Nick and Kate, of Parkville, MO ~ a suburb of Kansas City ~ were home to attend the wedding of Joe's niece, Anne LaPlant to Daniel Read. The wedding was at St. John's Church in Jordan on September 30th. (Thanks, Max)

Luke and Alice Retka enjoyed the lovely wedding of nephew, Sam Hoxie and Alison Behrends, in St. Paul, with the reception at Como Park, on Saturday, September 23rd
Sam has a PHD in Turbine Engineering. (Thanks, Luke)

Poor Molly Sullivan broke her finger and is out for the remainder of the Volley ball season. She tipped the ball during the Le Sueur / Nicollet game, a little over a week ago. Molly got the point, but broke her pinky! She's out of volleyball and piano lessons, but not homework. She wishes it were the other way around. Older sister, Mandy’s been helping her wash her hair. “She can do it… she’s just slow at it.” (Thanks, Peggy and Mandy)

Members of the Burns families gathered at Pioneer Power on Saturday, September 30th honoring Kathy Dauk, who lost her Cleveland farm home in the tornado. Kathy told of her tornado experience, when she had lain over her grandchildren, in their basement while the storm took the house from over their heads. Many pictures and photo albums were on display. Looking at the pictures, Kathy was puzzled and wondering why everything was such a mess and the O’Connell Oil LP tank didn’t look touched? Doc O’Connell has explained, they were out there that night, shortly after the tornado passed through and tipped it right side up again. Thankfully, someone had shut the gas off immediately. Reflecting, Kathy spoke of the “safest place for us to have gone would have been in the furnace room, but I was afraid of all the wires, pipes and gas in there.” Their furnace room was a small room located, toward the middle, of the north wall in the basement. The basement hallway had broken glass and debris flying and funneling through, and the shower stall had a 2 X 4 right through it.” Basement closets would have been good, but they were full of storage bins, games and quilts, and “we all wouldn’t have fit.” (Thanks, Doc)

Jean Rybak, joined her brother Paul and Marion O’Connell of Rockville, Massachusetts and her niece, Dr. Barbara O’Connell, for a 7-day trip to Ireland. They flew Aer Lingus with at least 400 passengers, and their tour included Dublin, Galway, County Cork, and the Cliffs of Moher. They also visited with Paul and Marion’s son, Jim, who has lived in Ireland for years. Jim is employed by “an American company in Ireland and works on computers” there. Jean feels so much has changed since her first trip to the Erin Isle, with husband Mike, in 1979. It has turned into “a busy, rich country,” especially Dublin with the bustling freeway. The high point of their trip was a four-course meal and play which was performed in a huge castle in County Claire, where performers and waitresses dressed in Mid-evil costumes. “It was so much fun!” The hard rains damped tour plans a bit, but not their spirit. Jean and Dr. Barbara stayed at the Great Southern Hotel in Dublin where the players for the famous Ryder Cup Golf Tournament also stayed.

Happy Birthday C.J! Travis’s lad, C. J. Simon, will celebrate his Golden Birthday on October 5th, and his favorite present is a brand-spankin’ new dirt-bike!

Happy Birthday, Mary Grace! Family and friends of Mary Grace O’Brien gathered to celebrate her 85th birthday at the Valley View Golf Course in Belle Plaine. Mary Grace is the third daughter of Tim and Alice Halloran Burns, mother of six, grandmother of 15 and great-grandmother of 15, as well.. She is the St. Thomas correspondent for the Belle Plaine Herald and Henderson Independent. Mary Grace is this writer’s aunt and mentor, and we wish her many more happy birthdays!

It “was” just a silo. Now, Mary Hanlon’s “Viking Purple” silo is receiving landmark notoriety. The silo can be viewed from of Highway 19, near Murphy’s corner, on the Le Sueur County side. It matches her lilac colored house. Both the house and silo were painted by Mike Slavik of New Prague. People seeking out unique sites have stopped in “to meet the lady.” This purple thing isn’t new to Mary. She has been known as “The Purple Lady” for many, many years. Mary is a member of the “Red Hat Society” in Montgomery and Belle Plaine, whose famed colors are red and you know what color….needless to say, The Lady Loves Purple! Fifty-seven years ago, on October 8, 1949, Jerry (1925-2003) and Mary had an “orchid” purple wedding and “the bridesmaids carried colonial yellow pompons with yellow streamers.” Mary has four rooms in her home that are various shades of purple. “Jerry always knew that one day the outside would be shades of purple, too.” This favorite color of purple runs in the family. Mary’s daughter, Eileen, has her home in Belle Plaine a darker shade of lilac. The “like-peas-in-a-pod” mother - daughter duo say “purple is the color of peace and tranquility” They are enjoying life and having fun with the color …and the silo? Is it finished? “No, it isn’t” chuckles Mary. What color is Mary going to finish the silo with? The hints are somewhere in this paragraph. (Thank you, Mary and Eileen)

Have a good one, folks.