2006 September 24 … St.Thomas News

Eucharistic Celebration at St.Thomas on Saturday, September 30 at 5 pm. Mass on Tuesday was for William Shaughnessy and mass on Thursday is for Ray Schoenbauer.
October is the month of the most Holy Rosary. Each Sunday of October the rosary and benediction will be at 2 pm. On October 1st it will be at St Scholastic.
Welcome to St. Thomas, Chris, Angie and Mellanie! Chris and Angie Heikkla and 2 year old daughter, Mellanie, are living in their new home, the former Hahn residence, across from Tom and Kathy Connelly. On Saturday the 23rd, many friends, relatives and St. Thomas neighbors enjoyed a huge house warming and 30th Birthday party for Chris, held at their home. Great hospitality! The word is out: Chris makes awesome chicken. The Heikkla family moved from Burnsville. Angie grew up in the Carver-Belle Plaine area, her parents are Allen and Nanette Mellgren of Carver. This might sound like the movie “Annie” but … We think they’re “go-o-o-n-na like it here.” (Thanks, Mom and Max)

Happy Birthday, Dan and Lisa!, Dan and Lisa Burns turned the big four-oh and were very surprised at a party held at the John and Martha May home, Saturday night, the 23rd. Dan’s birthday is September 9th, Lisa’s is the 12th, and their wedding anniversary is September 18th. Gotta alot to celebrate!

Molly Sullivan, an eighth grader, and Sam Burns, in the seventh grade, have recently been chosen as “Sunny Delightful” students at Le Sueur-Henderson by the Dean of Students. St. Thomas folks are familiar with Molly and Sam’s positive outlook and cheerful personalities; glad other folks notice, too.

Marnie Burns, Lucy, Jessica and Jason Retka were home to enjoy Le Sueur-Henderson Homecoming celebration. Lucy from St.Ben’s in St.Cloud, Jessie from St.Olaf in Northfield, Jason from St. Thomas in St. Paul, and Marnie from UMD in Duluth.
They’re learnin’ more than just school-work, for example, Marnie’s gettin’ the bus schedules figured out, as well. Mike May is at Gustavus. Sara and Jenni Burns are attending Hamline University. Sara is a 2004 Le Sueur-Henderson graduate and Jenni is a 2006 graduate. The athletic sisters are on the Hamline volleyball team for the 2006 season. Updates on the Hamline University volleyball team can be found at: http://www.Hamline.edu/hamline_info/athletics/volleyball.html.

We wish Rita Halloran all the best in the New Prague Homecoming cornation!

Tim O’Connell’s email: timothy.j.oconnell@us.army.mil

From the Archives: “The approaching marriage of Miss Hannah Coleman (1883-1922) to Mr. Charlie Leonard, of Olivia, was announced at the church here Sunday” and “D. J. Coleman (1870-1953) moved his house from his lots onto his farm and will settle down to stock raising and farming. Quite a change, Dave” BPH Sept. 28, 1908. “David J. opened a dry goods store and post office in St. Thomas in 1896. David J. also ran a cheese factory and sorghum mill near his store.” The Coleman Story. (Thanks, Kelly)

How ‘bout them beetles …wait’ll farmers start harvestin’ them beans!
Have a good one, folks.