2006 September18 … St.Thomas News

Eucharistic celebration at St.Thomas on Septmber 23 is at 5 pm. On Tuesday mass was for the members of the LAOH and mass on Thursday is for Leona Mager. The St. Thomas CCW is meeting on September 25th at 7 pm in the parish house.

The Southwest Deanery Mission Event will be held at St. Mary’s in Le Center on October 26th.

Services for Raymond Schoenbauer, were held September 15 at St. Wenceslaus with internment at Fort Snelling. Raymond is the brother of Jan Retka and the late Mary Krenik formerly of St. Thomas. Our sympathies to all the members of the Ray Schoenbauer family, including the Orrin Retka family and to the Bill Krenik family from here.

Milo and Beatrice Jilek, Ruth Tuma and Larraine O’Connell attended the beautiful wedding of Cassandra Jilek and Nathan Neilson on Saturday, September 9th at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake. Cassandra is the daughter of Jim and Betty Jilek of New Prague, the granddaughter of Milo and Beatrice, and grandniece of Larraine’s. The groom is the son of Craig and Laurie Heuser and Dennis and Sally Neilson. The happy couple are making their home in New Prague. (Thanks, Larraine)

Milton and Virginia Brown and Pat attended the wedding of their granddaughter, Kelly Anderly and Chris Allen at the St. Thomas Church in Jessenland, on Saturday the 16th. The reception, dinner and dance were held at the Eagle’s Ridge Restaurant and Lounge at the Valley View Golf Course in Belle Plaine. The bride and groom are employed as registered nurses at the United Hospital in St. Paul, where they make their home. It was a special wedding day for the bride and groom… and a special date for Milton and Virginia, too…their 56th wedding anniversary. Milton and Virginia, married at St. Wenceslaus, were surprised with a replica of their own wedding cake and at 87 and 82 danced “The Anniversary Waltz.” “Grandpa and Grandma were recognized… but it was Kelly’s day”… The bride is one generation from St.Thomas. (Thank you, Pat and Mary)

Rosemary and Vangie Burns visited their niece, Kathy Dauk, at her temporary home in Cleveland on Thursday, the 14th. They enjoyed lunch at Whiskey River and spent the day together. Kathy gave them a tour of the tornado damaged area around Cleveland and the farm Kathy once called home. (Thanks, Mom)

A reference to St. Thomas was made in Mychal Wilmes’s column last week in the Agi - News. Mychal’s mind “flipped back to a place where he grew up” and mentioned how “cocky” the St. Henry team members were until they “got to play St. Thomas. St. Thomas was an Irish enclave, filled with Connelly’s and O’Connors (must have meant O’Connell’s) and great ballplayers. Their field also was much bigger than our own … I prayed that St.Thomas would not hit a ball in my direction.” St. Thomas still has great ballplayers, and a few of them are on other teams. “Tellijohn’s”, “Classic Friedges Drywall” “City Club and Classic” and, of course, “St. Thomas” has our own team. Tournaments were held in St. Thomas on September 9th. Our great players included Pete and Noah Retka, Dan and Brandon O’Connell, Tom Halloran, Bill and Dan Meger, and yes… we still have Connellys, Bob, Joe and Dennis. Bob Connelly’s team ‘City Club and Classic” won the tournament. (Thanks, Brandon and Bob…and Kelly)

The perfect weather and the fun at Dozinky Days brought lots of St. Thomas folks out Friday night for the cruise and for the parade on Saturday: Gary and Shirley Rutt, Bob and Kelly Connelly, Katie Seuer and her Aunt Jeanette, Al and Diane Palmstein, Dale and Colleen Rohloff, and Barney and Jean Burns. Gert Meger and Marg Cemenski worked the stand selling… with smiles. Judy Callahan and Jane Sharkey were having a great time. “We’ve been best friends for 47 years!” …didn’t think they were that old.
(Did we see a couple of grand St. Thomas ladies who could beat that?)

Little Jonathon is pitter-pattering now, and Bob and Kelly Connelly are happy to announce the pitter patter of “more” little feet at the Connelly home, right about Easter Bunny time.

Alice Retka’s dental hygienist, Jean Zimanske, from Main St. Dental, is really great and Alice believes they could be better friends … if their conversations were more two-sided.

Welcome, Justin Meger, the newest member of the Retka auger crew!
Happy Birthday to Jim Cullen, his birthday is on September 22. Jim is Jackie Whalen’s son.
Happy Birthday, Mom. Vangie Burns turns…o-o-lder on September 22.
Happy Birthday, Cari! Cari Vlasak Landwer on September 20th turned 29 …and is still my baby.
Till next time… have a good one, folks.