Henderson "Lunch Bunch" gathers in Scottsdale, Arizona. A group of us - Henderson expatriats - have been doing this for five years. What we have in common is growing up in that little historic town on the river. The winds have blown us to various places on the map but, whenever possible, we come together for conversation, good food; to reminisce about "how fast we ran when we were kids; who lived in the house next to what's-his-name?; what was the name of the teacher we had in 4-grade?..." As always, we met at Buster's restaurant in Scottsdale. Attending this year: John & Marion Dempsey; Don & Pat McGuire; Rosemary McGuire Tracy; "Kit" [Kitty-Jo] Traxler; and Don & Mary Osell; Dee Osell Krogstad.

The Dempseys, McGuires and "Kit" Traxler have homes in Scottsdale, though only "Kit" lives there year-round. The McGuires and Dempseys are in Lakeville and Minnetonka, respectively, during the spring-fall-summer. Rosemary has a home in nearby Florence, Arizona, and also in Cold Springs, MN. The Osells are in Fountain Hills, AZ and Grand Rapids, MN. Lest you wonder why all this detail, for others of our vintage reading this it will serve to apprise you on where we're hanging out these days. Or, that indeed we're still hanging out anywhere...[period]. Our table conversation at Buster's dipped back into the days we were kids growing up in Henderson...but also, to a person, we are impressed with what's going on by the way of the restoration and rejuvenation in Henderson today. Many of us plan to back in Henderson for Heritage Days in September. In the case of Don Osell...his class is celebrating its 60th high school class reunion this year. Which brings to mind the old cliche: "If I'd known I was going to get this old I'd have taken better care of myself when I was young." If you are in the habit of visiting the Phoenix area in the winter, get in touch with any of the above. We'd enjoy having you around the table at Buster's next time we meet. Meanwhile, maybe we'll see you at Heritage Days.