A very important bloodmobile is coming to Henderson. It is Friday, December 30th from 9am- 3pm at the Minnesota New Country School. Come in the front door this time.

Our goal is 90 pints. We are also having double reds drawn this time. We have 7 of the 8 time slots reserved by potential donors. This is where a donor is connected to a machine that takes the red blood cells out and returns every thing else back to your body plus a special fluid to replace the volume taken. Then it will be 112 days before a double reds donor can donate again.

This is a Holiday Weekend. Please call Judy 248-3345 for an appointment. Usually the first hour is well reserved. We need every one we can get to meet this goal. Special gatherings and parties and people working are most peoples' reasons for not donating. Just think, your taking time to donate would make this a special gift and would help make someone's New Year Happy. An you would certainly be a Holiday Hero!