2022 September 12 St. Thomas News

Father. Roger Hessian will be having masses at St. Thomas into the fall. The Dates are as follows:
All SATURDAY MASSES AT 5:00 pm on September 24th and October 22.

.Anne’s Catholic Church in Le Sueur will have masses with Father Chris Shofner: Saturdays at 5:15p. m. and Sundays at 8 a. m. and 10:30 a. m

Mass of Christian Burial for Clarence “Mosie” Jirak was this week at St. Wenceslaus as he was laid to rest at St. Wenceslaus Cemetery. Mosie married Mary Shaughnessy here in St. Thomas on May 23, 1953. He grew up with his siblings Eugene, Harry, Milo and Harriet, southern neighbors of our Grandma and Grandpa Pexa. Mosie was a good man, intelligent and caring, and the last of our Mother Laraine’s pallbearers. The John and Mary Jirak family hosted a bus load of school children overnight, including our mother, who wore a short skirt, short socks and a light sweater on November 11 in 1941... the day of the Armistice Blizzard.

Nancy Gjerde’s funeral was Friday the 9th in Le Center, burial at Mound Cemetery in Le Sueur, Dorothy Frost services were Saturday the 10th in Le Sueur. were Le Sueur’s “Class of 67” classmates of this writer.
As well as Danny Meyer, who’s ashes were recently scattered over Joe and Ellie Meyer Doherty’s farm.

Tim and Mary Jo Burns Boelter enjoyed supper at the bar and grill in Union Hill one night last week

The Fireman's Invitational Softball Tournament in St. Thomas on Saturday... Matt Doerr winner of the hot dog eating contest. New Prague is #1 and St. Thomas is #2!

Margaret Drentlaw and Jim Walker were united in marriage in St. Thomas by Father Hessian, with a wedding meal, reception and dance at the KC Hall in New Prague. “Greetings” to the Barnetts...especially Don...”3 times best man to 1 groom!” Both bride and groom with all the romance of the young, with wisdom and confidence of 84 year-olds! Wishing you both many years of happy wedded bliss!

Mitch and Emily Smith Widmer wedding was in full swing at Pioneer Hall on the Pioneer Power Showgrounds when we “crashed it” Saturday evening. The happy couple were married at St. John’s in Union Hill earlier in the day. The band “Wreckless” kept guests rocking late into the night.

Who says “You can’t go home again?”Jim and Monica Regan’s girls were home on Saturday.
Anne, Jean, and Lynn thoroughly enjoyed a tour of their old homeplace on Saturday, September10th.
Rumor has they had retaken some earlier pictures of years ago. They had a blast!

Everybody’s askin’...Tom’s doing fine after his defibrillator implant surgery, he doesn’t get tired! He thanks everyone for the cards and well wishes.
See ya’ all at Dozinky, God bless.