Looks like the governor will keep gyms, restaurants, & bars locked down through the holidays but in a compromise, he will allow kids in school. I wonder if he will allow outdoor pools to open too? About as many kids will be using outdoor pools as their schools the next 2 weeks.

And why in the world did we need to see pictures of him looking at the boxes of vaccines as they arrived at the VA? To me if the vaccines are critical, get the governor the heck out of there and get the vaccines out same day. You order something overnight from Amazon and it's on your step next day but we can't get vaccines out immediately?

For those that don't think he is full of himself, ask yourself why he needed a 6pm news conference the other week when there is one at 2pm every day. That 6pm news conference he talked an 1/2 hour but only touched on long term facilities for about a minute but the mortality rate there is by far the highest. It seems like that should have been the targeted area and he hardly touches it. And speaking of long-term facilities why doesn’t the governor mandate health care workers shower in and out to work at these facilities? Any large-scale livestock farm typically requires workers to shower to work in the barns, whether hog or chicken, whatever. The bird flu years ago drove all large poultry farms to require employees to shower in and out which pretty much stopped the spread. BTW - I always thought it must be nice to get paid to shower and think of the shampoo and soap savings!

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