To all Henderson area businesses, schools, churches, organizations and government units:

Next year it will 25 years since the community history book, Henderson Then and Now 1852-1994, was published. It is time for a sequel! The Henderson Ladies Tourist Club, GFWC, one of the oldest organizations in Henderson, is sponsoring the sequel production.

If your entity has a story in the old book, please review your records and bring your history up to date. If you are new, please tell us your story. All responders may include pictures or illustrations. The length of your story may be several paragraphs or several pages depending on your individual history. To keep the printing costs down, all materials will be submitted to the printer in electronic form. If you can submit your story electronically, it will help speed up the process. If not, we can work around your requirements.

The goal of the book committee is to get all material collated, edited and into book form, ready to submit to the publisher for delivery as Christmas 2019 gifts. As articles flow in, chapters will be assembled and edited. The committee is thinking of producing a soft-cover book with photos in black and white throughout except for a possible color section in the center. There will be a table of contents and a comprehensive index, perhaps 200 pages in total. Final cost will be determined by the success of pre-publication sales, number of pages and number of copies ordered, hopefully a sale price in the $15 to $20 range.

Please help with this publication by having your story to the book committee by December 31, 2018. (DEADLINE EXTENDED) Don’t’ wait and don’t be left out. Every story is important, from a business of one to an organization like the Ladies Tourist Club with less than 10 members; your story belongs in the book. This small but active club needs the help of the community to accomplish the goal of having books available for holiday gift-giving for 2019.

Submit stories to Mike Reinhardt using his email:
If at all possible, please submit your article as a Word or text file.

For help or questions, please contact Mike Reinhardt at 507-248-3799 or Beth Cornish at 507-560-0153 or Sue Felmlee at 507-665-2008.

The Henderson Independent staff is serving as the technical advisors for the book project and there are some historical records from the newspaper available for your reference. Please let the committee know if you need access to those files.

Sue Felmlee
Southeast District President, GFWC (MN) and Treasurer, Ladies Tourist Club