Minnesota Armsports is proud to present the 7th annual Minnesota State Armwrestling Championships! This tournament will be at the Sauerkraut Days in Henderson, MN, just like the past 6 years. This tournament always has a great turnout, over 100 entries the last 4 years. Be sure to mark this one on your calendars!!! We had a really good kids turnout last year smile

When: Saturday, June 24th, 2017
Where: Henderson Sauerkraut Days. 200 North 3rd Street Henderson, MN, 56044.
Time: Weigh-ins 1:00pm-2:30pm. 1:00-2:00 for Kids! Tournament start at 2:30pm. Starting with kids

Entry Fee: $20/arm for pro classes, Novice is $15 for first entry (1 arm 1 class), $10 for additional novice classes (so it would cost $25 total to do right and left in 1 weight class). $5/arm for kids.

Weight classes:
Men's Pro Right and Left: 0-154lbs., 155-176lbs., 177-198lbs., 199-220lbs., 221+ lbs.
Men's Novice Right and Left: 0-165lbs., 166-190lbs., 191-220lbs., 221+ lbs.
Women's Pro Right: 0-143lbs., 144+ lbs.
Women's Pro Left: Open
Kids 17 and under) Right and Left: 0-65 lbs., 66-95 lbs., 96-125 lbs., 126+ lbs.

We will use the honor system for age but if you're son/daughter looks a lot older than 17, please bring id/birth certificate. Please note that boys and girls are run together. Ideally it'd be separate for kids over 13 or 14, but there aren't enough kids to separate genders. I know this may be unfair to the girls, especially the ones in the 126+ weight group, but there's nothing I can do unless more kids enter.

Weight will be rounded up/down to nearest pound, 154.4 counts as 154, 198.4 counts as 198 and so forth, 154.6 means you're too heavy (for 154). There is no clothing allowance but you are allowed to strip down if needed. You may weigh-in as many times as needed. Anyone needing to weigh-in the day before may do so, contact me and it can be arranged.

Kids will be run before novice, after kids we will run any supermatch/challenge matches!!! Novice next, and then pro at the end, after the novice classes are done we will open registration for Pro Classes again for ~10 minutes, then make pro brackets and get started asap!

100% Cash Payback for the top 3 in all Pro Classes as well as plaques for the top 3 in all Pro and Novice Classes! Medals for top 3 in kids classes!!!

This tournament will be run on WAF spec armwrestling tables. We will have 2 tables this year (same as last year)! Chalk and risers will be provided. This tournament is double elimination and is free to watch!

This event is not sanctioned by any umbrella organization but the rules we use are UAL rules.

Any questions, please call Josh Handeland at: 612-801-5612
or email: joshthejedimaster@yahoo.com

If you're not sure whether or not you're eligible for novice feel free to call or email me and ask!!!