The 11th Annual Henderson Tiger's Dinner & Comedy Show was announced this week and we are looking forward to another great event on January 16, 2016! The comedian this year is Isaac Witty, and is sure to make you laugh at least once! Tickets are available from any current Tiger player, Henderson Raodhaus, Evolution Shirts, Bender's True Value and Henderson Wine and Spirits. Tickets are already selling fast, so make sure to get your tickets today! We are also accepting silent auction donations for our event!

Cody Boelter has agreed to manage the Tiger's again in 2016. The salary numbers were not disclosed, but a promise of a dollar hot dog night at the ballpark sounds like it sealed the deal. He currently sits 3rd all-time in Tiger's history for career manager wins with...4. When asked what was his highlight of the 2015 season, Cody replied, "I think when we tried turning a double play when there were no runners for the other team on the bases. I thought that showed a lot of courage throwing the ball to second base, and then throwing to first base. We didn't get the runner out, but I liked the feeling of knowing we were ready for the next double play opportunity." Coach Boelter has reach out the the Marshall A's for a possible re-match game from the 2009 Belle Plaine Tiger Classic, but has not heard back.

Kirby Weckworth, the Tiger's all-time leader in foul balls hit over the third base dugout, has been suspended for the first 4 games of the upcoming season as he tested positive for steroids. The league became suspicious after he hit his first and second career home runs in the same game against Jordan last summer. Even though the Tiger's came up a little bit short to the Jordan squad that night with a score of 17-2, the league took notice of Kirby's first two home runs in his 12 year town team career and handed down the punishment after testing. The Tiger's are appealing.

In other news, Bill Wentzlaff has been named the team's pitching and running from 2nd to 3rd base coach. Bill doesn't have a whole lot of running experience, he actually hates it, but offered up these wise words,"Go fast, turn left. Just like Nascar, but without the cars. It's that simple." There are rumors Wentzlaff is going to have the team all play in cowboy boots, but that cannot be confirmed at this point. As far as pitching goes Bill says, "I haven't thrown a pitch in a real game per say, but I did get to be the pitcher in my T-Ball days, so I feel like I have a lot to teach the guys."

The Tiger's will be having a meeting at the Henderson Roadhaus Event Center at 7:45 P.M. tonight for the players and anyone else interested in playing next year for the Tiger's can attend as well!

Until next month, those are your Tiger Tid Bits....

Happy Thanksgiving from the Tigers!