2022 June 20 St. Thomas News

Fr. Roger Hessian will be having masses at St. Thomas over the summer. The Dates are as follows:
All SATURDAY MASSES AT 5:00 pm on July 23rd and August 13th.

St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Le Sueur will have masses with Father Chris Shofner: Saturdays at 5:15p. m. and Sundays at 8 a. m. and 10:30 a.m.

We enjoyed mass in St. Thomas on Saturday with Father Hessian officiating, and Jonathon Cink assisting as altar server. Todd read the readings, Kevin, Mickey, T. C. and Kathy carried up the Gifts. Mary accompanied the choir. A Lovely Day.

James Retka from Washington, the eldest son of Bernard and Florence Retka, has passed away recently.
Our sympathies to his family and his siblings, Orrin, Gene, and Sue.

Jim Walker and Margaret Drentlaw are on the go. They enjoyed Grace Barnett’s graduation celebration from T.C.U. Name sound familiar? 2021- 2022’s Kolacky Day Queen.

Jim Walker, Margaret Dentlaw, and Bruce, Cathy and Margaret Halloran attended the 70th Wedding Celebration for Bob and Maver Barnett on Saturday at their Kilkenny farm. Father Niehaus from Montgomery said Mass. Jim’s Mom is a Barnett, Bob and Bill Barnett are brothers, Bill was in the service with Ed Burns, Bobby Sullivan, and a few others from St. Thomas.

‘Mason and Lindsey went for a “Simon Sweep” at the Belle Plaine Sauerkraut eating completion on Friday, June 17th. Mason was urged to participate, by his Grandpa Miller, on Friday afternoon. He was able to convince 15 of his supporters to attend and cheer him on. Lindsey, who gags at the taste of sauerkraut, signed up last minute because of the $500 prize. Each of them won their respect.’’

Katie, Anna, and Maddie spent a few days with Grandpa and Grandma earlier this week. We enjoyed the Henderson Roll-In, riding the “Mule” and practicing driving…they’re all teenagers now..

This week this writer read- “Life Stories Through My Eyes – Patrick Finn” Pat is a son-in- law of Mary Grace O’Brien, who formerly wrote this St. Thomas News column. Pat is an eighty -year -old war hero. The book is a labor of love, so positive...I laughed, I cried, and when I got to page 338, I smiled. Remember that day well. My sister, Dee and me happened to be traveling through St. Thomas. It was a bitter cold day, the ground was saturated, mudd everywhere. We stopped and got out to join the cousins there. The O’Brien grands were digging their grandmothers grave. “Mary Grace O’Brien’s grave with shovels and pails, tarps to hold mud, or block to the wind. Serving sandwiches, hot chocolate and goodies, stories, laughter, taking turns digging. “A very cold day for a labor of love,” I will never forget. Mary Grace is laid to rest between her mother and her Aunt Mayme. Page 395- Pat talks about his wife Arlene, every word the truth. She’s amazing.

Many St. Thomas Dad’s were remembered this weekend. Ours enjoyed lunch at the Fishtale and then all came to the farm; Jodi, Corey, Kevin and Cari, and the grands; Tony and Camrie, Cole, Tyler, Katie, and Maddie. Somebody brought a wild kitten in. Oh God, help us find it!

Happy Heavenly 96th Birthday today, Dearest Dad...missing you...until we meet again.