Henderson, MN
Posted By: Cornelius Funke Stadium - 03/01/12 07:25 PM
Well, at least we don't have to hear about the L.A. Vikings:

Stadium Agreement!
Posted By: Camel Re: Stadium - 03/01/12 08:24 PM
Do I understand correctly that the Minneapolis City Council is a long ways away from having enough votes to pass this?

A small victory for ultra-wealthy owners and athletes and doctors that treat concussions. A setback for kids and education and alternative energy and the overall long-term well being of our society.

Mitt R. loves sports, that's how he connects to the "common" folks. Some of his best friends are the owners of the very professional sports teams that "common" folks get to cheer for to escape their day-to-day routine for a couple hours.
Posted By: Camel Re: Stadium - 03/01/12 08:44 PM
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Posted By: Jeff Steinborn Re: Stadium - 03/01/12 09:23 PM
Sorry Arden Hills, I know you had your plan submitted long ago. You had your site picked out. You did dot the "i"s and cross your "t"s on the proposal. Nagel, Koester and Steinborn had their tailgating spots reserved. But cmon, Minneapolis really needs the Vikings downtown, let's give em a chance.

Atta Boy!
Posted By: Norton Re: Stadium - 03/02/12 08:51 PM
I was for the stadium, until they said part of the plan was to lure a soccer team. I don't know if we need soccer fans and the rift raft that sport attracts.

Let me rephrase: I was for the stadium before I was against it.....
Posted By: Wendy Weckworth Re: Stadium - 03/10/12 05:49 AM
Happy Birthday Brian
Posted By: Norton Re: Stadium - 03/11/12 05:24 PM
When is the next blood mobile?
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