Henderson, MN
Posted By: Meghan Graham Kraut Kan Hunt - Clues - 06/22/16 01:38 PM
First two clues for the Kraut Kan are below. The finder for the Kraut Kan will receive a #50.00 prize!
Clue #3 will be posted Thursday, and clue #4 to be posted on Friday of this week. Happy Hunting!

Clue #1
Bring us the sun, bring us the fun, bring us some cabbage for our tum tum tums! Onward bold hunters, gather your zest...search the town thrice on your Kraut Kan quest.

Clue #2
Amidst the shadows of dewy green, come find the Kan of silver and sheen. Look across town east and west, look in your neighborhood...look in the nest.
Posted By: Meghan Graham Re: Kraut Kan Hunt - Clues - 06/23/16 03:19 PM
Clue #3!

Cabbage sleeps in the valley serene, wake it up as you burst onto the scene. The 6th Boulevard is the way to endeavor, so you can exclaim, "Kraut Kan - you are mine forever!!"
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