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Posted By: Meghan Graham 2020 Tagline Submitals Wanted! - 03/09/20 11:44 PM
It's time to submit your best Sauerkraut Days Tag Lines!

The most popular tag line will be used on the official 2020 Sauerkraut Days T-shirt.
The person who submit's the winning tag line will win the FIRST 2020 Sauerkraut Days T-Shirt.

Below are the tag lines from previous years.

2004 - Smells like a good time!
2005 - Forks only get in the way!
2006 - Put the kraut to your mouth!
2007 - Kiss My Kraut!
2008 - Got Kraut!
2009 - For All You Do This Kraut�s For You
2010 - Home is where the kraut is
2011 - Don't Doubt The Kraut
2012 - For the Love of Kraut
2013 - Oh For Kraut Sake!
2014 - Let's Get Krauty!
2015 - Best With The Wurst
2016 - Let There Be Kraut!
2017 - In A Can, Down By The River
2018 - Brad & Kraut - A Match Made in Henderson
2019 - Sandbags & Sauerkraut - A Henderson Tradition

Deadline to submit tag lines is March 23rd at 5PM!
Posted By: HendersonFan Re: 2020 Tagline Submitals Wanted! - 03/24/20 01:10 PM
Here's mine, with a little graphic to go with it...

You have "KRAUT" to be kidding me!

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Posted By: Skeddy Re: 2020 Tagline Submitals Wanted! - 03/25/20 12:21 AM
Kraut! It does the body good.
I've got a feva, and the only prescription...is more sauerkraut!
Don't hoard the Kraut!
Thank goodness we have toilet paper!
Stay 6' away! I just ate sauerkraut.

Not intending to make light of our current situation at all. Stay safe everyone.
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