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Posted By: Tom Kolter How to post images in Chatter - 02/25/05 05:57 PM
Uploading images to these forums isn't very difficult. You'll just need to know a few things:

1. What size and format to save images as
2. Where to upload them to

When saving your images, keep in mind that the smaller the file size is, the faster others will be able to view them on their computers. This is especially true for dial-up users. It is best to save files as .jpg and at 72 dpi.

You cannot upload images directly to this site. What you need to do is to upload and image at an image hosting service, we recommend www.imageshack.us and then just point to that image from the forum. Best of all is that there is no service to sign up for, you just go to imageshack and upload your picture!

Sounds difficult, right? Its really not here's a step-by-step on how to do it:

Go to www.imageshack.us
Click on the 'Choose File' button
Find the file to upload from your computer
Click the 'Host It' button
Copy the code it gives you in the first box toward the bottom of the page
Paste that code in the text area when posting a message in this forum

That's it! it should display your image in the post that you've just made!

That was easy, right?
Posted By: Jeff Steinborn Re: How to post images in Chatter - 12/10/07 04:36 PM
Make sure your images are no more than 600 pixels wide and under 100k in file size before uploading to imageshack.
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