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Henderson Sportsmen Club, Inc.
The purpose of this organization is to promote and safeguard the good management of our natural resources, including fish and wild-life, to advance and teach obedience and respect for game laws, safety practices in the handling of firearms and other hunting and fishing equipment, to teach safety practices, good sportsmanship, and good relations between sportsmen and landowners.

Membership requires annual dues, attending 2 meetings per year, and general participation. There are 60 to 75 members.

Meetings take place at the Sportsmen Clubhouse at the Outdoor Shooting/Trap Range near the water tower in Henderson, usually the 2nd Sunday of the month at 1:00P.M.

The Sportsmen participate in Sauerkraut Days, and the Holiday Showcase, and their own open house the 2nd Sunday in September each year.

Goals are to purchase an automatic trap throwing machine and to keep the facility open to the community.

A few accomplishments of the club include providing a space for Youth Gun Safety Training, Snowmobile Safety Class, and also providing some special training classes for adults.

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