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Ney Environmental Education Foundation

(Ney Environmental Learning Center)
The purpose of the “Ney Center” is to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural habitat of the Minnesota River Valley, serve as a center for environmental and historical education, work with schools, government agencies, historical groups and other organizations, to create awareness about how people affect the environment.

There are about 150 members that pay yearly dues (ranging from $10.00 student to $1000 patron, there are several different categories of membership with different perks). The Board meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:00P.M.; also there are supplemental committee meetings as needed all at the Ney Center.

The Center participates in volunteer work days, curriculum events, LeSueur Farm and Home Show, and work with other environmental centers.

Goals in 2005 are to paint a barn on the sight, develop a website, build a landscaped entrance, develop more trails, publish a newsletter, increase membership, hold summer nature camps, and offer curriculum to as many youth as possible.

Accomplishments include: serving 2000-3000 children per year, maintaining a 446 acre park, developed guided trails, stone fire rings, overlooks of the river valley, adopted a formal working relationship with LeSueur County, and beginning an annual nature program for children in summer.

Contact Ney ELC 507-248-3474

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