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Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway Alliance

The mission of this organization is to develop and maintain the economic health of the Minnesota River Valley by using tourism, education for residents and visitors, and the history, culture and natural resources in the corridor, and preserve the same qualities.

There are 13 to 15 regular due-paying Alliance members (dues range from $15.00 to $287.00 per year) that meet on Thursdays at 9:00A.M. Redwood Falls is the central location, but meeting places vary so as to raise awareness and involve more people.

This Alliance participates in Fall in the Valley, Tourism Week (May), and various activities and events (when notified or requested including parades, park and town celebrations) along the 287 miles in the valley.

Goals are to market the Minnesota River Valley, use a “moving work plan”, and improve signage for significant areas and attractions. We are also working on a Byway Guide due out this year and some grants for signage as well.

Our accomplishments include: a state approved Scenic Byway in 1996, developed an award winning Byway brochure, and a Federally Approved National Scenic Byway.

Contact: Pat Steckman 507-248-3458

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