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Minnesota New Country School
ISD #4007

MNCS is a learning community committed to quality personalized project based learning with demonstrated achievement. MNCS allows students to follow their passions by giving them choices in what and how they learn.

MNCS is open to students in grades 7-12. It is a public school with no tuition or enrollment requirements. There are 14 staff members and 110 students at present.

The school is located at 210 Main Street or learning may take place in the community at large.

MNCS celebrates student projects at the end of each 5 week block. A public presentation event is held with the community invited to evaluate student projects and presentations. Seniors celebrate their culminating project by hosting a Senior Presentation Evening in which they present their senior projects encompassing a minimum of 300 hours of learning. MNCS also celebrates a prom and graduation ceremony. The school is very integrated and active in the community and community events.

Goals of MNCS include being committed to creating a democratic environment that focuses on meeting state standards as well as creating lifelong learners. MNCS assists students in gaining life performance skills from communication to time management. MNCS emphasizes parent-teacher communication, small student to staff ratio, community involvement, computers for all children all of the time, and exploratory trip and hands-on learning experiences.

The accomplishments of MNCS are many and have brought much positive attention to the City of Henderson. MNCS is a frequent stop for educational visitors. Each year they host well over 500 visitors, including delegations from Japan and Iceland along with visitors from 20 states and numerous colleges and universities. MNCS is also the “home site” that supported a $9 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The grant has been used to replicate the school philosophy and democratic structure in 21 new schools across the nation. MNCS has been featured in numerous magazines and articles, on several major television news reports, and in many published educational books.

Contact: Minnesota New Country School 507-249-3353

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