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Hilltop Elementary ISD 2397
Hilltop Elementary is a school comprised of approximately 130 students K-6 taught by 7 full-time and 6 part-time staff members. Our curriculum offers students challenging instruction in the core content areas of math, reading, and science. Additionally, we offer students learning opportunities taught by licensed instructors in art, music, physical education, and media. Hilltop’s size allows for staff members to give students the individual attention needed to reach their full potential in a manner that reflects the best instructional practices with up-to-date content.

Hilltop’s vision is to teach students in a way that they can reach their full potential. We are proud of the great things that happen each and every day in our classrooms. Along with our commitment to academic excellence, Hilltop has a strong tradition of fostering strong relationships with families and the larger community.

The partnerships that are cultivated between the students, staff, parents, and the community enable that visions become reality. Through everyone’s purposeful effort and focused commitment to learning, Hilltop continues to be a special place to learn and grow.

If you are new to the Henderson area and have questions about Hilltop Elementary or the LeSueur-Henderson School system, contact the Hilltop office at


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